About Us

Credit Counsel Inc. is a national and international debt recovery firm, with our corporate office based in Pembroke Pines, Florida. We specialize in debt collections, and were founded by professionals in the debt collection industry and bad check collection field. CCI has a wide range of clients in all states in the USA and many foreign countries. CCI is an extension of our clients’ credit and collection departments and as such we demand the highest standard of professionalism in handling every collection account.


CCI is a great asset to any business concern as a national and international debt recovery firm. We assist companies in collecting funds that are owed to them from domestic as well as international debtors. We achieve above standard recovery results via numerous methods. Ideally, we are able to collect the full amount outstanding. However, as a viable alternative we, at times, have to resort to making payment plans, negotiating minor discounts or directing debtors to a financial institution to get their delinquent account paid in full. We are fully dedicated to increasing the rate of recovery for our clients in a professional manner, preserving our clients’ image and reputation within their industry. We believe that “time is money” and our success is ultimately that of our clients. At CCI we look to surpass our clients’ expectations while always bearing in mind the sensitivity of client relationships.



It is our mission at CCI to see to it that we are successful in complementing the credit departments of all our clients. As your collection agency, we consider that all aspects of the recovery process are significant and have to be handled harmoniously. The process begins with our telephone collection representatives, to our nationwide field agents and at last, national and international attorneys who handle the more formal legal actions when necessary. Equally as important as proper and timely execution of the recovery process, is the remittance of updated information to our clients. Of course, given todays fast pace environment, you can access reports via e-mail, or view your accounts online through our Client Access Link. We can customize our service to fit your needs. At CCI, our clients’ best interest is first and foremost.



The management team at CCI has established a rather unique philosophy regarding the successful collection of bad debt. Unlike many debt collection agencies, we believe that people have the greatest impact in positively influencing payment. Well-trained, highly paid, full time and seasoned collectors are far more productive than part time inexperienced collectors. Their years of experience translate into above normal recovery results while typically maintaining our clients’ relationships with the debtors. Our customer care department has a staff of extremely client friendly employees who believe that every client’s needs are of paramount importance. As we grow, we expand this department as to ascertain proper and immediate attention to all of our clients’ requests. Additionally, we believe in investing monies in physical resources that will have an immediate impact in enhancing collection results. These efforts include state of the art technology used for skip tracing, asset searching and credit reporting. Our basic type of philosophy has helped our debt recovery firm advance into one of the fastest growing debt collection agencies in the USA.



CCI operates and manages its daily activities based on a rather strict code of ethics. Our main concern is to ensure that our expert personnel maximize collection potential while adhering to the highest professional work standards and legal guidelines. CCI is also highly sensitive to maintaining the goodwill of their clients on a nationwide and international basis. We have a team of upper management auditors who ensure the consistency and accuracy of work activity standards and audit requirements. Our basic requirements address diligence and integrity as evidenced in our 24 hour activation of new work policy, daily activity requirements, weekly activity requirements, skip tracing efforts, adherence to management review instructions, bankruptcy notification follow up, correspondence handling and much more. We believe that the aforementioned work standards and strict code of ethics clearly separates CCI from competitors.



We pledge to all of our existing and prospective clients that the experience of working with CCI will be productive, fruitful and enjoyable. As your debt collection firm and your “Cash Flow” partner, we are committed to having you enjoy a steadily improved and profitable cash flow. Your requests and desires are our every day commitment. They set the tone and pace for our daily diligence in collecting your delinquent accounts and setting record-breaking recovery rates. We view every client relationship as part of the CCI family and work to conduct ourselves as if we are an extension of your organization. In conclusion, CCI believes that our competitive fees, fast turnaround time, high ratio of collected accounts, and quality service justifies utilization of our collection firm. We invite you to view our collection services and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments that you may have.