A look into how Credit Counsel, Inc.’s take on Commercial Collections is helping shape the industry.

Credit Counsel Inc has been in the debt collection business for over twenty years. In this time, it should come as no surprise that they’ve developed a system of efficiency and unparalleled professionalism – one that allows them to proudly set a shining example for the industry as a whole.

Credit Counsel Inc’s founder Christopher Mihoulides explains, “We avoid falling into the common mistakes that other collection agencies make by consistently reviewing our business practices. Credit Counsel Inc is constantly on the lookout for revolutionary technologies and exciting new strategies.”

He continues, “As with any business or industry, it’s all too easy to become stuck in a certain way of doing things—Credit Counsel Inc seeks to constantly evolve with the times while retaining the same level of client satisfaction and professionalism we’ve been known for these past twenty-two years.”

It’s clear that these aren’t empty words—Credit Counsel Inc boasts a more than double recovery rate compared to the industry average.

How Credit Counsel, Inc. Innovates in the Field of Collections

While other collection agencies are stuck in the past in a variety of ways (refusing to utilize new technologies and methods of contact such as social media, hindering themselves via lack of communication and relevant information, etc.), Credit Counsel Inc has no such qualms about stepping into the future.

The Client Access Link is one impressive example of how Credit Counsel Inc has grown into a modern collection agency. By utilizing the Client Access Link, Credit Counsel Inc’s clients can view information about their account, receive updates within seconds, and even upload new accounts simply and without hassle.

Of course, technology is just one piece of the puzzle. Equally important as changing and evolving to keep up with the times is being able to retain the core of your business philosophy. For Credit Counsel Inc, this means never losing the human element, no matter how many technological innovations enter the field.

“We believe that people have the greatest impact in positively influencing payment”, Christopher Mihoulides tells us, which explains their steadfast dedication to hiring only the most seasoned, experienced, highly trained collection agents. “Their years of experience translate into above-normal recovery results, while typically maintaining our clients’ relationships with the debtors,” he continues.

Christopher Mihoulides concludes on the topic, “Our basic type of philosophy has helped our debt recovery firm advance into one of the fastest-growing debt collection agencies in the USA.”

Beyond keeping up with modern solutions and retaining the essentials of their core philosophy, Credit Counsel Inc’s Christopher Mihoulides expounded on another essential aspect of running a successful business—ethics. “We operate and manage our daily activities based on a rather strict code of ethics,” Christopher Mihoulides tells us. “Our main concern is to ensure that our expert personnel maximizes collection potential while adhering to the highest professional work standards and legal guidelines.”

With a team of upper-management auditors whose main role is to ensure the consistency and accuracy of work standards, it’s no wonder that Credit Counsel Inc remains an industry leader in ethics. “We believe that our work standards and strict code of ethics clearly separates CCI from competitors,” Christopher Mihoulides states.

Based in South Florida, Credit Counsel, Inc. is a national and international debt recovery firm specializing in commercial, medical, and occupational health debt collection. Founded by Christopher Mihoulides and fellow debt recovery industry professionals, Credit Counsel, Inc. serves a broad range of clients across the United States and worldwide. For more information, call 877-224-7904 or visit http://www.creditcounselinc.com/.

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